CrediField (Field Workflow Manager) Feature Updates

Excited to inform new features introduced in Hobbiate Field Workflow Manager (now renamed as Hobbiate CrediField). 

Major Developments:

ERP System

Based on feedback from our customers, we have decided to build a full-featured ERP system that can be accessed from our mobile App. Yes! And it will be available by the February third week.

Agency Management and Dedupe

Based on feedback from our customers, we have decided to build a full-featured Agency management system with dedupe. This means that your agency employees too can use our product and get things done. This removes a hop of assignment to the agency first and then to the field staff who would actually perform the work. With complex rules built into the App, the App will save you time and money you have been spending for dedupe and unleash opportunities to significantly improve your TAT and remove the fraud. 

This product shall be available by Feb first week.


Selected New Features:

  • We now have projects that have integration with Zoho CRM and SalesForce CRM.
  • Customer Onboarding is now a very active component being used by our clients to visit their customers from time to time. Now customers may be allocated to specific people or may be shared with all your field staff.
  • Your field staff can now find nearby customer locations and can get the stuff done. This is particularly useful for credit monitoring use cases.
  • We now your staff working in shifts with multiple working hour slots per day.
  • Revisits are now tagged.
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