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How Hobbiate Field Workflow Manager is enabling work-from-home for its clients?

It began with WHO declaring Covid19 as a pandemic. Countries started taking lockdown measures and even though in India cases were not that many, Government moved more swiftly than most could predict. Many companies got caught unaware when the first lockdown was declared. All of the sudden work from home was the only way to contribute to the growth of your company. Field visits were over, and you could interact with the clients only on a phone call or a video call. Many companies realised that many of their employees were using desktops, so the demand for laptops on rent suddenly skyrocketed. Call centres had even bigger problems. Laptops on rent were not available because the demand was too high. If you were not an existing client of a renting agency, you would not get a new laptop, you being a new client. The quick win was to shift the desktops to homes, but that would also mean that only 1/3rd of the organisation got the desktop as the call centres were working in shifts.

Call Management is key to Field Workflow Management

Hobbiate Field Workflow Manager has recently added a feature that allows you to schedule a call with the customer that would also be recorded for quality reasons. At the scheduled time the field staff receives a call and is automatically connected to the client. Field staff can also make an ad-hoc call to the client through the system. In both cases the calls are also recorded. During the POCs in the last few months, we now know that the field staff members who preferred to take call from top 2 preferred locations are 30% more likely to convert a task to "completed" status compared to closing it with "customer not interested" status. Further, there is a direct correlation between the number of calls made to a client and the final outcome of a task- although this varies between various industries like Pharma, BFSI, Oil & Gas and other industries. The correlation is so strong that it can be used as a key indicator to the overall business health in the

Which companies are doing what for Covid19?

s We recently re-toned our in development product to find out which company is doing what for Covid19. We will be automatically aggregating news about these companies going forward. We will also add more and more companies as we go further. Do let us know which companies you feel should or are already contributing towards our fight against Covid19.

Hobbiate's Social Review adds value by aggregating data from multiple sources

Measuring the Alexa rank alone shows that the company is growing steadily. Measuring the website visits from shows that the company is declining.  However the Alexa rank is increasing as the industry is crashing. This particular company is able to sustain its ground better in times of recession. That's why Hobbiate's company social review is so much better as it aggregates information from datasources like alexa , similarweb and others and shows you in one single view all the data in very sophisticated way.  If your client's data shows increasing visits in similarweb, it would still mean that the company is just starting up and this would be evident in the Alexa rank.