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Hobbiate Field Workflow Manager- A solution to avoid complex hierarchies

In many organisations basic distrust between various field organisations causes top leadership to create complex hierarchies. Such complex hierarchies are sometimes characterised by dual reporting , often in unnatural way. When the distrust is due to the fact that one or more organisations involve field staff, Field Workflow Manager from Hobbiate is one of the best products to leverage. In one case, the finance department had a distrust with the field staff's reimbursements and they wanted to be sure that the reimbursements being asked for are valid. So instead of creating complex inconvenient processes and dual reporting structures, they leveraged Hobbiate's Field Workflow Manager. Now finance department had access to the time spent by the field staff on the field as well as the distance travelled by them. In another organisation a local employee working away from the head office would constantly complain to her boss about other employees, despite not arriving to t

Customer is now the first class entity for Field Workflow Manager

Most of the field work happens in context of a customer or a location. Often field staff has to visit the customer's location to provide services to them. Hence we decided to give first class status to a customer location allowing them to become a geo-fenced work area. Don't you wish to make sure that the new staff can easily navigate to the old customer location? Do you worry that sometimes there could be data entry error causing a form to be filled for one customer sitting at a location of other customer. Do you worry that your staff may not be filling the form in the customer location, and hence the quality of service is suffering? Do you wish to ensure that each location is given its due and there are frequent visits to that location? Do you wish that you can count the number of visits to a customer location? Wait no more! Your staff can now on-board any location as a customer location. And we can create rules that suite you use-case! Using Hobbiate Fiel