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Excited to share the following new features for Hobbiate Company Tracker (Now called  BizzLens ). Bizzlens aggregates and compiles all information about a company from the open internet and brings useful insights for you. You can use it for lending purposes or maybe simply to keep a tab on your market to make better strategic decisions. It relies on search engine APIs and other sources such as Similar Web, Alexa, Owler, etc to curate information for you.  Additionally, it can pull information from Listings like Just Dial, Sulekha, and Indiamart and pull information from there. Furthermore, you can add comments, keep notes, or create BMC and SWOT analysis using this product. We introduced some more features this week. Analytics Analytics module introduced around the companies, competitors, customers, and the ecosystem. This not only gives you reasonable insights on your loan applicants/partners etc but feeds back as an input to our own ML engine for significant improvements. Using AI an