Excited to share the following new features for Hobbiate Company Tracker (Now called BizzLens).Bizzlens aggregates and compiles all information about a company from the open internet and brings useful insights for you. You can use it for lending purposes or maybe simply to keep a tab on your market to make better strategic decisions. It relies on search engine APIs and other sources such as Similar Web, Alexa, Owler, etc to curate information for you. 
Additionally, it can pull information from Listings like Just Dial, Sulekha, and Indiamart and pull information from there. Furthermore, you can add comments, keep notes, or create BMC and SWOT analysis using this product. We introduced some more features this week.
Analytics Analytics module introduced around the companies, competitors, customers, and the ecosystem. This not only gives you reasonable insights on your loan applicants/partners etc but feeds back as an input to our own ML engine for significant improvements. Using AI and ML we…

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Hobbiate Company Tracker for Strategy

Hobbiate Company Tracker collects information from the web and converts them to insights for your business.
Learn how it can help you leapfrog growth of your business by making the right choices.

Data, Signs and Datascience

#Covid19 gives a good perspective around Data and Signs and data science. Note: When I refer thoughts about other people in this article, I am neither concurring nor am I disagreeing with them. Often there is data. Often there are signs. Looking into data can be somewhat challenging. For example, some people point out that Indians seem to have higher immunity against #coronavirus, hence we do not need to worry much. Many people would agree. Some people, however, maintain that we need more data to come to this conclusion. As data from Italy, China, and the USA may have been only captured after Corona had spread there rampantly. Also, there has been a strict lockdown in India. And then there are signs. One source of those signs is news. News is on the internet and social media. R0 Factor, Case Fatality Rate, Infection Fatality Rate, Deaths Per Million, Tests Per Million, Tests per Case, Tests Per Fatality, Asymptomatic Rate, Average Date for First Symptom are all data. If available and …

Hobbiate Company Tracker for Strategy: Tweets Categorization

Hobbiate Company Tracker allows you to categorise the tweets you view for your industry in various categories.
Further you can save them for further reference and organise it in various forms to backup your claims in cheat sheets etc.

Hobbiate Company Tracker for Businesses 8 Minute Explainer

Here is a quick 8 minute explainer for Hobbiate Company Tracker for Strategy.

How to identify startups that will scale?

Organisations around the world are grappling with the choice between, expensive, inflexible and seemingly stable products from large vendors versus identifying a startup product that is producing an outcome their users love.

Startups are often short of funds and CXOs are rightly worried whether they would be able to scale up to handle the volumes expected for their businesses. If they take the right approach, they can take the decision that is best for their organisation.
Profitability:While funded startups are likely in mood to spend money to validate the market, unfunded ones with long term history are likely profitable. A profitable organisation is always going to grow and become more profitable irrespective of the situation. When you signup with them, it is unlikely that they will not be able to scale up. Instead you are likely going to get a better service.ScalabilityA SaaS based organisation typically need not do much to scale up. SaaS scales up every single day in terms of tech…