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New Release- Field Workflow Dashboard

Being in charge of the my project My gut feel is that we are lagging behind or we could have done better. But how much? Gut feels do a great job to signal you to do something about a probable looming scary situation. But then the data validates, invalidates and quantifies the gut-feel and paints a clearer picture of the reality. That's why our basic dashboard is now complimentary with the Field Workflow Manager product. Backed by state-of-the-art technology, it paints the real picture of your field. To begin with it let's you know that you may not have yet created all the users in the system. Then it goes on to tell you how many of them actually logged in. To the point how many of them are actually using it regularly.  We do provide group wise comparison giving you a tool to highlight successful groups so that you can use their best practices as the gold standard. Some of our clients consider discipline as the key to success of their program. A

Updated Hobbiate Website

We have been observing increased visits to Hobbiate website, Facebook and Linkedin Page. Since you have made so much effort to visit us, we want you to not be disappointed or confused.  Hence we have updated the content of our website to reflect our products and services accurately. Do visit the website and get acquainted with our line products. Thanks for your support so far. The response from the industry has been phenomenal and we hope to have many paying customers by April 2020. You can always reach out to us and discuss opportunities in the related areas. We would be happy to consider our engagement in the same.

Field Operations- It is just not about getting the work done

When it comes to field operations, it is not just about getting the work done. An fully optimized field operation function ensures visibility at the highest level. Discussion on "Where is xyz" is waste of time. XYZ is working and at customer location, and the organization should ideally know it. On the other hand when XYZ is not working, you better know it because your clients are waiting! As we introduced New Dashboard to our Field Workflow Manager  our clients suddenly started seeing the big picture and essence of their existence. Suddenly they started realizing that to begin with they were under utilizing their investments in Field Workflow Manager as they had not consumed all the connections. A client realized that they were just about to exhaust all the connections while the field activities had been steadily increasing week on week basis. So they turned back to us to increase the number of connections. For another client, a good number of people did not start

Hello from Hobbiate

This is our first official blog. Just saying Hello!