Field Operations- It is just not about getting the work done

When it comes to field operations, it is not just about getting the work done.

An fully optimized field operation function ensures visibility at the highest level. Discussion on "Where is xyz" is waste of time. XYZ is working and at customer location, and the organization should ideally know it. On the other hand when XYZ is not working, you better know it because your clients are waiting!

As we introduced New Dashboard to our Field Workflow Manager our clients suddenly started seeing the big picture and essence of their existence.

Suddenly they started realizing that to begin with they were under utilizing their investments in Field Workflow Manager as they had not consumed all the connections.

A client realized that they were just about to exhaust all the connections while the field activities had been steadily increasing week on week basis. So they turned back to us to increase the number of connections.

For another client, a good number of people did not start their activity until the second half. And this was an easy trend to see. Perhaps they knew, perhaps they did not. But now the information is flowing all the way till the top level without having the operations folks to spend hours in preparing the data.

In general in a particular group folks happen to be able to complete fewer meetings than in another group. The tracking data tells that clearly. So no point expecting first group people to complete as many meetings as second group.

In one case the finance department had no visibility on items that really got done vs the items that did not get done. They were just trusting the employees (and secretly not trusting giving rise to rumors) claims and doing the re-reimbursement. Now all these complex processes are gone, and they have state of the art system that allows you automated reimbursements for their field staff.

Field staff need not any more collect and provide the data to supervisor about where they are and what they are doing. Their supervisors now directly login to Field Workflow Manager and see what is happening.

Get your KYC, Collections and Inspection process under control.

Use Hobbiate's Field Workflow Manager!


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